Terms and rules

No Spamming: Please refrain from posting irrelevant or unnecessary content. Spam, excessive advertising, and low-quality posts are not allowed.

Respect for Users: Be courteous and respectful of other participants. The use of offensive language, insults, and harassment is prohibited.

Stay on Topic: Post messages relevant to the topic of discussion in the appropriate section. Off-topic posts are not allowed.

Discussion of Competitors: Avoid negative remarks about Skyneuron's competitors. Constructive criticism is welcome, but insults and false information are not permitted.

Use of CAPS LOCK: Posting messages in all capital letters (CAPS LOCK) is prohibited as it gives the impression of shouting and can be seen as disrespectful to other users.

Copyright: Remember to respect copyright. When posting content, provide appropriate source references.

Illegal Content: Posting any illegal, defamatory, discriminatory, offensive, or inappropriate content is prohibited.

Sharing Personal Information: Do not disclose personal information about other users or Skyneuron employees without their consent.

Multiple Accounts: Users are allowed to have only one account on the forum. Creating multiple accounts is not allowed.

Spreading Misinformation: Do not spread misinformation or unverified facts.

Personal Disputes: Please resolve personal conflicts outside the forum. Discussing personal disputes is not allowed.

Violation of Rules: Violation of rules may result in message removal, access restriction, or account suspension on the forum.

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